We are members of the ATS Charter and the AIC Charter

  • Transportation throughout Russia Найти груз
  • International transportation Рассчитать стоимость
  • Maximum biosafety Рассчитать стоимость
The Charter's mission

Restoration of fair competition in the entire market of freight transportation by road, formation of an intolerant attitude towards companies that violate tax, administrative and industry legislation of the Russian Federation

The Charter's mission

Restoration of fair competition in the entire agricultural market and the formation of an intolerant attitude towards companies that violate the tax legislation of the Russian Federation

Tax compliance

The AGROCARGO platform is a market participant in the field of agricultural products turnover. In our activities, we rely on and perfectly comply with the Charter-AIC, being its direct participant. Our document flow is brought into compliance with the requirements of the Federal Tax Service of Russia and the Charter-AIC.

Consequences of not working with the Charter - AIC / outside the platform

Non-compliance of the company with its criteria and the absence of the company among the affiliated participants will entail significant consequences:

  • The impossibility of accepting VAT for offset from carriers who are not Charter members
  • Refusal and inability of market participants who have joined the Charter-AIC to interact with enterprises that do not comply with its principles
  • Inability to work with carrier companies that are not included in the Charter-AIC
  • In the very near future, participation in the Charter will become a mandatory for manufacturers

When concluding a contract with AGROCARGO, work on the platform is guaranteed to comply with the principles.

We always follow the "ONE LINK" rule

The entire chain of services is provided in accordance with the "ONE LINK" rule = there is no more than one intermediary between the customer and the actual carrier:

  • Dispatcher
  • Agent
  • Forwarder

AGROCARGO is both a Carrier (owner of a large number of specialized vehicle) and a Forwarder

As a member of the Charter-AIC, we offer you the opportunity to work on the platform through a system of personal accounts according to a scheme convenient for you, including:

Work directly with your own AGROCARGO truck fleet
Work through the AGROCARGO e-platform (no more than one link in the scheme) with an EDM proving the transparency of the scheme
  • Placement of applications
  • Closing of applications (appointment, guarantees, auctions and redemption)
  • On-line electronic document flow accompanying each transaction throughout the cycle from the contract-application to the provision of documents

We always check companies for reliability and compliance with the principles of the Charter-AIC

Market participants can be allowed to work on the platform after the accreditation procedure

Verification of the carriers and customers reliability on the AGROCARGO platform

The activity of contractors (cargo owners and carriers) is evaluated according to 23 criteria, which results in a conclusion on the feasibility of cooperation and accreditation on the platform

Verification of the legal entities\individual entrepreneurs’ activities implementation
  • Checking the registration of the Unified State Register of Legal Entities/ Unified State Register of Individual Entrepreneurs
  • Information about bankruptcy
  • Confirmation of the General Director powers
  • Checking the LE for the disqualified persons in the executive body
  • The presence of the GD in the list of disqualified persons
Checking for signs of a fly-by-night company
  • Checking the registration address of a LE for mass
  • Compliance of the OKVED with the actual direction of the LE activity
  • Checking of LE\IE for affiliation with inactive LEs
  • Checking the GD for mass
Checking the financial condition of a LE\IE
  • Availability of arbitration proceedings
  • Debts on taxes and fees
  • Verification of information about property in pledge
  • Checking the fact of VAT payment by the LE\IE
  • Studying and checking the balance sheet
  • Checking for the executive records
  • Checking for restrictions on current accounts as prescribed by the Federal Tax Service
Checking the GD
  • Validity of the GD\IP identity document
  • Checking the GD according to the FSSP for the presence of executive paperwork
  • Verification of information on GD’s mortgaged property
Other checks
  • Negative reviews about the activities of LE\IE in the media\Internet
  • Other negative information about the activities of LE\IP in third-party sources of information
  • Correspondence of the contact mobile phone to the region of registration of the LE\IP
  • Having website

Before checking the Carrier, the AGROCARGO platform always checks the vehicle and drivers

Vehicle verification

  • Checking whether the vehicle belongs to the Carrier company (the executor of the application = the owner of the vehicle performing the route)
  • Confirmation of the vehicle registration in the traffic police
  • Checking for the facts of participation in a traffic accident
  • Checking for the wanted vehicle
  • Checking for the absence of restrictions on registration actions in relation to the vehicle
  • Checking for the absence of a vehicle in the register of mortgage property
  • Confirmation of the insurance policy validity

Checking the driver

  • Checking whether the Driver belongs to the Carrier company
  • Verification of the validity of the driver's identity document
  • Checking for the absence of enforcement records according to the Federal Bailiff Service
  • Checking for the absence of driver’s mortgaged property
  • Confirmation of the validity of the driver's license
  • Confirmation of vehicle management rights
AGROCARGO provides financial guarantees in case one of the participants of the link fails to fulfill its obligations, provided that 100% of the work is done through the platform. This means that our contract will stipulate that if the "one link" scheme is violated, then AGROCARGO will compensate the manufacturer for the entire cost of the tax gap. (On the condition that 100% of work is executed through the platform)


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